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ABAT Builders, Inc. is a full-service general contractor specializing in Hospitality, Timeshares, Resorts and Hotel/Motel renovations since 1996.
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Extensive early planning

We analyze the owner’s program and evaluating its feasibility with regard to construction, materials availability, and schedule constraints.

Experienced leadership

Each project is unique. As such we select team members that are with you from planning through project delivery, to instill confidence, mitigate risk, and guaranteed satisfaction.


Our Project Managers ensure project specifications are faithfully followed to assure workmanship quality according to hospitality industry standards.

The key to our success is providing our clients with the same responsiveness and customer service expected and provided by the hospitality industry.
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Project Management

Team Chemistry

Selecting the right people for your project shows in the quality of our work, good safety practices, accountability & understanding. In general it leads to more effective solutions.

Quick Response

We understand hospitality industry and its demanding culture. Whenever a response needs to happen, we address it without delay.

The Total Project

Execution of our projects in an efficient and effective way is a core competency of our organization. This leads to consistently successful projects execution.

Cost Estimates
Our estimating is accurate, resulting in minimal change orders during project execution, and keeping your project on budget.
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Cost Estimates

No Hidden Surprises

We put a lot of effort during estimating phase on thorough analysis of project specs and accuracy of our Bid numbers to minimize Change Orders during construction process.

Correlate Costs

Our experts go through well-structured project estimate process focusing on risks and opportunities to compensate for some of the challenges related to cost estimation under uncertainty.

Construction Schedule

Project schedule and cost estimation is not straight forward, therefore our Estimators are trained to collaborate with Project PMs during the estimation process.

We attend pre-bid meetings, and spends countless hours reading drawing sets and retrieving data.
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Pre-Development Analysis

Review Drawings & Specs

PMs work with Estimators on Drawings and Specs analysis, making sure all of the RFI’s are received and there are no discrepancies between Drawings and Specs.

Analyze Project Risk

We don’t lose focus on project risk analysis during planning phase, because it enriches the decision-making process which help to select the optimal variant of a construction project.

Create Master Plan

Starting with comprehensive Construction Schedule to identify job priorities and assign tasks to responsible parties. This phase subcontractors and establishing a framework.

Site Preperation
We mobilize the team, take care of all safety concerns, and get the property ready for construction with as little distraction for guests as possible.
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Site Preperation

Establish Control Guidelines

During preconstruction phase, a framework for communication between project participants is established, including responsibility for logistics of the site.

Logistics Plan

Reduce the impact construction has on your property by putting guidelines in place for multiple elements within the renovation project.


Guidelines for optimal FF&E receiving sequence are discussed, which include unloading, inspecting, staging, distributing, installing.

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We are true project management and development experts. In an industry that’s hard to define, we have it figured out. Strong foundations are built on strong relationships. We bring together specific teams and resources to each project, we respect people as people, and give you our promise that we will deliver exactly what we say we will.

ABAT means family. Family means legacy. We look towards the future while building from our strong foundation. ABAT is a multigenerational business. Tony Jr. learned from past generations and holds firm to that strong foundation while continuing to build the business skyward. Each level is built with patience and care as to be supportive for future generations to come. It is the same approach we take with all of our projects.


We mean what we say and set the right expectations from the beginning of every project. From budget to, time frame, to contractors we predict the issues ahead of time, because we’ve seen it all before. It means your job is to simply enjoy the process.


Our work speaks for itself, and we know it. We’ve also come to realize the work is not the most important part of the job. The most important part is the relationships we have formed with clients, management companies, subcontractors, and vendors. It’s what keeps everyone coming back to us.


Our vision is the end result. Because we already know how the work should be done we have the flexibility to seek new ideas and partners in order to increase value for our clients. It also means when a project throws us a curveball we are prepared with the answer.


We are stronger together. Our internal team members channel their strengths and abilities into everything they do. By working with you, we can bring out the best in all of us.

Recent Projects
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Orlando World Center Marriott Orlando, FL 2018 Project Budget Project Team
HICV Desert Club Resort Las Vegas, NV 2018 $750k – $1.2mm Algirde Vitkeviciute, DLS Brothers
HICV OAK N’ SPRUCE South Lee, MA 2018 $1.5mm – $2.2mm Algirde Vitkeviciute, Vinny Dvorak
Exploria Resorts Pocono Mountain Villa East Stroudsburg, PA 2018 $1.75mm – $2.25mm Aneta Kowalczyk, Tom Freese
HICV SUNSET COVE RESORT Marco Island, FL 2018 $200k – $500k Aneta Kowalczyk, Adam Ferenz
Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Atlanta, GA 2018 $500k – $875k Dagmara Sojda, DLS Brothers

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